Our Story


Yearning for the good home taste of a calamansi fruit juice that he missed from his days living in the Philippines and couldn't find while living in the United States; Victor decided to do something about it. It took him 9 months, but he finally got the recipe right. He created a unique and superior tasting, calamansi juice that was not only healthy, but thirst quenching.  With his own proprietary formula in hand, Victor formed his company, Pacific Fruit& Beverage.
Today, 4 years later, Pacific Fruit & Beverage Co. based in Walnut Creek, CA is the proud producer of the NOMSI ® brand line of calamansi fruit beverages.  The company’s products, during the “Proof of Concept” phase were found in over 700 retail locations.
The company is seeking expansion capital to grow beyond its San Francisco Bay Area roots.  Its mission to become the largest marketer of premium branded calamansi fruit beverage in the United States within five years.