A Calamansi Juice, Unlike the Others

Whether it’s a twist on a classic, or a brand new creation, Nomsi® is the perfect ingredient to make any cocktail memorable. Let your inner mixologist shine. Savor the deliciousness of calamansi lemonade, a little nutritional powerhouse that can make a big difference in your general health. This calamansi juice is more than simply a tasty treat because it is loaded with several health advantages.

  • Flavonoids: these compounds not only provide flavor to the pure calamansi juice for sale but also have anti inflammatory qualities that help maintain the body's equilibrium and improve memory.
  • Phosphorus: This necessary mineral in calamansi juice
    boosts teeth and bones, ensuring a solid basis for general health and strong, powerful skeletal structures.
  • Iron: Pure calamansi juice serves as a dependable iron supply, which is essential for promoting healthy red blood cells and preserving ideal blood circulation.
  • Vitamin C: Calamansi juice drink’s plentiful vitamin C, which is antioxidant and immunity-boosting, can help you live a more vibrant and active lifestyle by strengthening your body's defenses.


It’s Good No Matter How You Drink It!

Nomsi® is the perfect addition to turn every calamansi juice experience into an unforgettable event, whether you're looking to add a distinctive twist to pure calamansi juice or create a whole calamansi drink.

As you play with Nomsi®'s resilience to enhance the tastes and character of your calamansi juice drink, let your inner mixologist come through.

Nomsi® gives you the freedom to have calamansi juice that will impact your palate and your guests because of its unique flavor profile and compatibility with a broad variety of calamansi lemonade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Calamansi is an ancient tropical citrus fruit commonly grown throughout many parts of Asia.
It has a flavor that is a combination of a mandarin orange with a lime. It is known for its many health benefits such as immune support, skin health, supports healthy digestion, is rich in Vitamin C, and contains a wealth of antioxidants.

This is just our all natural calamansi juice, and separation is normal and may occur. Just shake it a few times and it will be ready to enjoy! Best served chilled.

Nomsi® is shelf stable but once opened,
you should refrigerate yours for maximum freshness.

Nomsi does not contain alcohol but you can mix it with your favorite alcohol for a delicious mixed drink.
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Nomsi is available in roughly 600 plus locations and we are adding more every week. We are coming to a
location near you soon!