Shaken Or Stirred. It’s All Good.

Whether it’s a twist on a classic, or a brand new creation, Nomsi® is the perfect ingredient to make any cocktail memorable. Let your inner mixologist shine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Calamansi is an ancient tropical citrus fruit commonly grown throughout many parts of Asia.
It has a flavor that is a combination of a mandarin orange with a lime. It is known for its many health benefits such as immune support, skin health, supports healthy digestion, is rich in Vitamin C, and contains a wealth of antioxidants.

This is just our all natural calamansi juice, and separation is normal and may occur. Just shake it a few times and it will be ready to enjoy! Best served chilled.

Nomsi® is shelf stable but once opened,
you should refrigerate yours for maximum freshness.

Nomsi does not contain alcohol but you can mix it with your favorite alcohol for a delicious mixed drink.
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Nomsi is available in roughly 600 plus locations and we are adding more every week. We are coming to a
location near you soon!